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Sun, Caribbean Sea, beautiful beaches, delicious mojitos and rhythm of rumba and salsa: a trip to Cuba is a true dream.

If you have decided to make it happen and embark on an adventure on this wonderful island, to fully enjoy your vacation you will also have to feel comfortable: before departure, it will be essential to take out insurance that guarantees you medical attention in Cuba in case of need. Cuba is a safe country and its health system is at the same level as many other destinations, but like anywhere in the world it is always good to go out with your back covered and avoid unforeseen events.

This is not just advice: in fact, since 2010 medical insurance for Cuba is mandatory for all those who go to the country, be they tourists or Cubans residing abroad.

Although there is the possibility of purchasing insurance when you arrive at your destination, we recommend that you simplify your life and purchase your insurance for Cuba online before departure. There is no minimum limit, but the insurance must be stipulated with a recognized company in Cuba: so be careful not to contract travel insurance for Cuba with a US company, because in allows you to shop easilythis case the policy would not be accepted.

Online medical insurance

Get your Travel Insurance in Cuba easily online with YOUR CUBA

Travel Insurance for Cuba is not just a formality: although the country is safe, there can always be health risks. Among the most common, in addition to possible accidents like anywhere else in the world, are mild gastrointestinal viruses or more serious viruses such as Zika or Dengue, even rare cases of infections such as cholera. Furthermore, a risk that should not be underestimated is the possibility of cyclones in the months of June to November. If to this we add the fact that the costs of hospitalizations and operations are quite high and medicines can be scarce due to the embargo, it is clear that before leaving it is convenient to protect yourself.

Thanks to YOUR CUBA you can easily take out your travel insurance for Cuba online

In particular, YOUR CUBA is the official agent of the Cuban Company ESICUBA with a regular contract for the sale of travel insurance in Cuba. The great advantage of the ESICUBA policy and the substantial difference with other insurances is that if you need medical assistance you will NOT have to advance money: just call the insurance center or YOUR CUBA team and the Cuban government will pay directly. With the other policies, on the other hand, to receive assistance it is necessary to call your country to open the claim and anticipate the costs. In short, we want you to leave safely!

Visa and insurance for Cuba

Through YOUR CUBA you can easily obtain your travel insurance for Cuba online, paying safely with most international credit cards. The cost of medical insurance for Cuba is flexible and can be customized according to the needs of each traveler: check it now through our portal. Not only that: YOUR CUBA also allows you to streamline your pre-departure procedures by buying a visa and insurance for Cuba at the same time. Like the insurance, the visa for Cuba (VISA or "tourist card") is mandatory and must be shown when boarding the flight to the island. Upon arrival, it will be stamped by customs authorities. It is valid for 30 days with the possibility of extension to 60 and by buying it online through our portal you can receive it directly at your home in 48 hours, avoiding long queues at the offices and saving costs.

How to get Cuba visa and insurance online


Here are our suggestions:

Bring essential medications with you

Take essential medicines and all those you need for daily use with you (such as insulin for diabetics), because Cuban pharmacies are not always well stocked.

Pay attention to the power supply.

Do not drink tap water, avoid eating raw fruits and vegetables and also pay attention to ice in cocktails - it will in all probability save you from stomach ache!

Protect yourself from mosquitoes

use mosquito sprays or lotions.

Be aware of the weather

Be aware of the weather: Cuba's climate is tropical, and rains, strong winds and hurricanes are not uncommon. Take special care when driving and in the event of a weather event


Everything you need to know about health insurance in Cuba

Yes. Since March 30, 2010, the Cuban government has established that all foreign travelers and Cubans residing abroad at the time of their entry to Cuba must have medical insurance.

Medical insurance is mainly used to cover medical expenses during your stay in Cuba, other possible coverages are also provided, including lost luggage - check when signing your policy.

Yes. All travelers, foreigners and Cubans residing abroad, must have travel medical insurance when entering Cuba.

In addition to the risk of having to face very high medical costs even for minor problems, if you decide to travel to Cuba without mandatory medical insurance, you may be subject to the control of the Cuban authorities and be obliged to buy the insurance directly at the airport. at higher costs.

You can buy travel insurance for Cuba directly in your country, the important thing is that the insurance company is not from the United States and is recognized by the Cuban government. Make sure of these details before purchasing a policy.

As mentioned above, travel medical insurance for Cuba is mandatory. The tourist who, in contravention of the law, manages to enter Cuba without medical insurance runs a great risk. In fact, in the event of illness or injury, you will have to pay your own medical bills, which can easily run into the several thousand dollars.

If our travel medical insurance covers Medical Expenses due to COVID-19 infection:

-Expenses derived from the PCR test when the disease is suspected.

-Extension of stay due to quarantine.

-Expenses associated with treating the disease.

It is a SERVICE within the national territory of the Republic of Cuba, which offers tranquility and protection in case of needing medical assistance due to illness and accident including COVID-19, outpatient medications or related to hospitalization, repatriations (health or funeral), advance payment of funds, document management, price differences in the air ticket due to the loss of the flight, among others

With ESICUBA medical insurance, in addition to not having to anticipate any medical expenses, you will have access to the best international clinics in Cuba and you will have very fast and efficient face-to-face assistance.

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In case of need, you should immediately contact our offices in Havana, or the Cuban operations center at +53 78668527, 8339 and 8920.

The health policy can be subscribed for insured persons aged between 0 and 70 years. If you are over 70 years old, contact us for a custom quote.

The insurance can be contracted for trips that have a maximum duration of 32 days. If your trip lasts longer, contact us for a personalized quote.

Yes, you can extend the duration of the insurance by contacting our offices in Havana.

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-Medical Expenses for Illness and Accidents

-Repatriations (Health or funeral)

-Advance of Funds

-Accident Insurance (Includes death and permanent disability)


-Document management

-Other expenses

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